Welcome to Emerald Coast Web Concepts Home on the World Wide Web.  We would like to tell you a little about our business and have you make an informed choice as to whom you would like to design your businesses, organization, club, group or personal home on the Internet.

     We are a Customer First Web Development Company with an interesting business model.  We specialize in Website Design, Maintenance and Hosting.

     We are a full service company that has a Business Model that we feel is unique. We don't want 1000's of customers. We want to be small, professional and truly bring a service to our customers, so you can bring a service to your customers.

     Our Designs are clean, fresh and will give your customers just what they expect from your type of business. Our Prices usually beat all the others...

     We have packages that we will discuss with you. You can opt to have us just build you a site and then maintain and host it yourself. You can opt for us to build and maintain it on your server. Or you can have us just do it all. Leaving you to run your business...

     You won't find us on a Billboard or advertised on TV or in the newspaper.  We are happy with word of mouth advertising because our customers like our work and usually brag about it.

     Please use the Menu on the top and sides of the page to navigate around our site.  Some menus such as 'Our Sites' and 'Customer Menu' (if you are logged in as a customer) are only available on the 'Home' Page so come back to the 'Home' Page to access them.